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Wood Look Aluminium Sheets

Last Updated: 2023-09-12

Henan Signi Industry Co., Ltd is a professional wood look aluminium sheets manufacturer. Its products are mainly used in ceilings, exterior walls, walls, furniture and other occasions with the simple construction process and easy installation. wood look aluminium sheets the surface coating has high strength, high scratch resistance, easy cleaning, strong corrosion resistance, and life expectancy of more than 20 years.

Signi use roller coating and thermal transfer to produce aluminum plates to make the effect of wood grain realistic, diverse colors, clear texture, waterproof and fireproof, and strong customization.

Orange wood grain aluminum

Woodgrain aluminum sheets usually use 3003 aluminum sheets, 1100 aluminum sheet and 1050 aluminum sheet as substrates. Choose Akzo Nobel, PE or Chinese Famous Paints to your needs.

Wood look aluminium sheets are a high-grade metal decorative material, which is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, vacuum-processed according to the size, shape and structure of the project site design, and applied to aluminum plate fluorocarbon coating. Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. wood look aluminium sheets Exquisite appearance, rich wood grain patterns, realistic effect, clear texture;
  2. wood look aluminium sheets Fire resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, hardness, strength and other properties are comparable to solid wood;
  3. wood look aluminium sheets Anti-rust, anti-damage and anti-ultraviolet;
  4. wood look aluminium sheets Long service life, it can keep 10-15 years without discoloration and deformation
  5. wood look aluminium sheets Strong plasticity, can be processed into various complex shapes. The back side can be filled with thermal insulation, sound insulation and other materials to enrich its function;
  6. wood look aluminium sheets Environmental protection, protecting the ecological environment and reducing waste of materials and resources.

Product Specification and Size :

Standard Specification: YS/T 431, GB/T 17748, Mill’s standard, Mutually agreed on a standard, Base material conforms to GB/T 3880, ASTM B209 or EN 485.

Alloy and Temper

Alloy Temper Remarks
1xxx: 1050, 1050A, 1100 H42, H44, H46, H48 ★Temper H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H32 and H34, for base material are provided as per client’s request and mutually agreed.
3xxx: 3003, 3105
5xxx: 5005, 5052

Alloy Designation (For Reference)

Comparison of Alloy Designations for Aluminum Flat Products

Alloy Chinese Standard American Standard European Standard
1xxx Series 1050
1050A EN AW-1050A
1100 1100
3xxx Series 3003 3003 EN AW-3003
3105 3105 EN AW-3105
5xxx Series 5005 5005 EN AW-5005
5052 5052 EN AW-5052

Advantages of wood look aluminium sheets

1. Electrostatic powder coating series
Features: smooth surface, UV resistance, strong weather resistance
2. Roller coating series
Features: moisture-proof, acid-corrosion, corrosion-resistant (indoors will not change color for ten years), fireproof, environmental protection, etc.; features: fresh, elegant, delicate color, soft and gorgeous;

Aluminum sheet pre-roll coating process

Signi paint solid color, wooden grain, brushed, marble grain, chameleon etc thick sheet painting production line.

Wood look aluminium sheets specifications

Ceiling Type Size(mm) Side Height(mm) Thickness(mm) Edge Type
Clip in Ceiling 300*300 20/25 0.5~1.0 Beveled/Square Edge
300*600 20/25 0.6~1.0 Beveled/Square Edge
300*1200 20/25 0.7~1.0 Beveled/Square Edge
400*400 20 0.6~1.0 Beveled/Square Edge
500*500 20 0.6~1.0 Beveled/Square Edge
600*600 20/25/28 0.6~1.2 Beveled/Square Edge
600*1200 20/25/28 0.7~1.2 Beveled/Square Edge

Other commonly used sizes are4’x8′(4feet × 8feet), 5’x10′(5feet × 10feet), 48″x96″(48inch × 96inch), 60″x120″(60inch × 120inch),  1220 * 2440 mm, 1524 x 3048 mm, The thickness is 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm,3.0mm, 4mm, 5mm, etc.

With the development of science and technology, the enhancement of environmental protection awareness and the improvement of people’s living standards, color coated rolls show their vitality and broad market prospects.

Red wood grain aluminum panel

One of its main advantages is that the color-coated aluminum coil not only has the high mechanical strength of aluminum alloy material, but also has the performance of easy forming, and also has the good decoration and corrosion resistance of coated fluorocarbon material.

Multi-layer painting process

Multilayer spraying process with three sprayings (referred to as three sprays), spray bottom paint, topcoat and hood varnish and two sprayings (primer, topcoat).

Coating thickness: It can be divided into single coating (4μm-20 μm); double coating (25μm-28 μm); 3 coating (35μm-38μm).

The coating of wood look aluminium sheets has many excellent characteristics such as long life, high durability, anti-fading, high strength, high weather resistance, self-cleaning, high durability, high strength etc.

wood look aluminium sheets It owns colors and wood grain patterns. After the coating is baked at a high temperature, the coating is not easy to fall off, embrittlement, good weather resistance, and can be used indoors and outdoors at the same time.

Wall decorated with wood grain aluminum panels sheet

The local film thickness is the arithmetic average of the measured values of several (not less than three) film thickness measurements on an inspection surface with an area not greater than 1cm2 on the decorative surface of the aluminum plate.

Application of wood look aluminium sheets

The products are used in a wide range: construction (aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb, roof corrugated board, fireproof veneer, aluminum ceiling, blinds, rolling door, garage door, awning, rain gutter), electronic appliances (computer case, electrical panel), Lighting, furniture, solar reflector, air-conditioning duct, etc.

Dark brown like wood grain aluminum wall

Coated aluminum coil and sheet are more resistant to keep food fresh. Coated aluminum coil and sheet improve anticorrosive properties of aluminum, which are commonly used in food packaging, containers and cans. In addition, the application of coated aluminum coil and sheet embraces large industries including composite panels, ceiling, door, windows and electric appliances.
We also produce crimson, plain, red, blue sky pattern, imitation brick patterns and other color coated aluminum coil products.

Wood look aluminium sheets The base color primer layer is composed of a primer made of polyurethane paint and a base paint formed of fluorocarbon resin paint.

Color aluminum produce parameter

Item Alloy Temper Coating thickness Base aluminum thickness Base aluminum width
Imitation Wooden Aluminum Coil/Sheet 1060/1100/3003/3004/5052 or as per customer’s requests H24 or customize Above 25μm 0.25-1.35mm for coil,1.5-5.0mm for sheet Min 30mm, Max 1350mm for coil,1850 for sheet
Imitation Stone Aluminum Coil/Sheet 1100/3003/3004/5052
or as per customer’s requests
H24 or customize Above 35μm 0.25-1.35mm for coil,1.5-5.0mm for sheet Min 30mm, Max 1350mm for coil,1850 for sheet
Brushed Aluminum Coil/Sheet 1050/1060/1100 or customize H24 or as per customer’s requests Above 20μm or customize 0.25-1.35mm for coil,1.5-5.0mm for sheet Min 30mm, Max 1350mm for coil,1850 for sheet
Stucco/ Embossed Aluminum Coil/Sheet 1xxx,3xxx and 5xxx or customize H24 or customize As per customer’s requests 0.25-1.35mm for coil,1.5-5.0mm for sheet Min 30mm, Max 1350mm for coil,1850 for sheet
Film Coated Aluminum Coil/Sheet 1050/1060/1100/3003/5052 or as per customer’s requests H24 or customize As per customer’s requests 0.25-1.35mm for coil,1.5-5.0mm for sheet Min 30mm, Max 1350mm for coil,1850 for sheet
Gradient Color Coated Aluminum Coil/Sheet 1060/1100/ 3003/3004 or as per customer’s requests H24 or customize Above 35μm 0.25-1.35mm for coil,1.5-5.0mm for sheet Min 30mm, Max 1350mm for coil,1850 for sheet

The wood grain paint layer is composed of fluorocarbon resin paint and is painted with a wood grain roller. The transparent protective topcoat is consists of fluorocarbon resin varnish.

wood look aluminium sheets have become a very common product for the decoration of exterior walls and ceilings. It has strong decoration, real effect, wood texture, waterproof and fireproof, non-toxic and harmless all environmental protection materials, direct sales from manufacturers, and low price.

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