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Last Updated: 2023-09-12

Container Aluminum Foil is A Versatile and Sustainable Packaging Solution.

Aluminum foil containers have been a popular choice for food packaging for decades, Its unique properties make it an excellent option for preserving food and extending its shelf life.

Aluminum foil pans

What is Container Aluminum Foil?

Container aluminum foil is a thin gauge sheet of aluminum that is used for packaging food products. It is made from aluminum alloys that are specifically designed for use in the food industry. The foil is usually between 0.006-0.020 mm thick and is flexible, easy to shape, and can be easily sealed.

Extra thick aluminum foil roll

Specification of container aluminum foil

Alloy: 8011-O, 8011-H22, 8011-H24, 3003-H24,3004-O
Temper: O(soft), H22, H24
Thickness: 0.033 – 0.2mm
Width: 200 – 1840mm
Coil ID: 75, 150 or 152
Coil OD: max 800mm
Roll weight: 100-900kg/roll

The foil is coated, uncoated, without lubrication or Pre lubricated.

Thickness Options of aluminum foil for containers

Aluminum foil for container is commonly used in the following thicknesses, and the error range we require is ±8%, which is stricter than the international standard.

0.03 mm ±8% 0.035 mm ± 8%
0.04 mm± 8% 0.045 mm ±8%
0.05 mm ± 8% 0.06 mm ± 8%
0.064 mm ±8% 0.07 mm ± 8%

Coating / Lubrication of aluminum container foil

Coating: 1.5 ± 0.5 GSM on each coated side
Lubrication: 1 ± 0.2 GSM on each coated side

Coating / Lubrication: Colorless protective lacquer or lubricant, confirmed to comply with applicable regulations regarding direct contact with food and drugs. Color lacquers are available if specified by the customer.

Different types of aluminum foil

There are many uses for aluminum foil, and the different types of foil commonly found are.

  • Household aluminum foil
  • Aluminum container foil
  • Flexible packaging foil
  • Pharmaceutical foil
  • Electronic foil
  • Air duct material
  • Hydrophilic aluminum foil
  • Beauty hairdressing aluminum foil
  • Beer foil
  • Adhesive tape foil
  • Aluminum foil for capacitors
  • Cable foil

Benefits of Using Container Aluminum Foil

Barrier Properties

One of the key benefits of aluminum container foil is its excellent barrier properties. The foil provides an effective barrier against light, moisture, and oxygen, which are the main causes of food spoilage. This helps to keep the food fresh for longer, reducing food waste and saving money.

Temperature Resistance

Container aluminum foil can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from freezing to high heat. This makes it ideal for both cold and hot food packaging, including ready-to-eat meals, frozen dinners, and bakery products.

Lightweight and Durable

Aluminum container foil is incredibly lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport and handle. It is also resistant to tearing and puncturing, ensuring that the food stays protected during transportation and storage.


Container aluminum foil is versatile and can be easily shaped to fit a wide range of packaging requirements. It can be used for a variety of food products, including fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy products.

Aluminum foil for container

Sustainability of Aluminum Container Foil


Container aluminum foil is fully recyclable, which makes it an eco-friendly option. It can be recycled multiple times without losing its quality, making it a sustainable packaging solution.

Energy Efficiency

The production of aluminum container foil requires less energy compared to other packaging materials. The recycling process also requires less energy, which further reduces its carbon footprint.

Reduction of Food Waste

Using aluminum container foil can help to reduce food waste by extending the shelf life of food products. This reduces the need for frequent food purchases, saving money and reducing waste.

Applications of Aluminum Container Foil

Container aluminum foil has a wide range of applications in the food industry, including:

Ready-to-Eat Meals

Aluminum container foil is used to package ready-to-eat meals, such as TV dinners and microwaveable meals. It can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for heating food in the microwave or oven.

Dairy Products

Container aluminum foil is used to package dairy products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt. Its excellent barrier properties help to protect the products from light and oxygen, preserving their freshness.

Fresh Produce

Container aluminum foil is used to package fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables. It helps to keep the produce fresh for longer by reducing moisture loss and preventing spoilage.

Bakery Products

Aluminum container foil is used to package bakery products such as bread, pastries, and cakes. Its barrier properties help to protect the products from moisture and light, keeping them fresh and extending their shelf life.

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Aluminum container foil is a versatile and sustainable packaging solution that has been widely used in the food industry for decades. Its excellent barrier properties, temperature resistance, lightweight, and durability make it ideal for a wide range of food products.

Additionally, its recyclability and energy efficiency make it an eco-friendly choice for packaging. By using Container aluminum foil, we can reduce food waste, save money, and protect the environment.

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