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5052 H48 aluminum coil for can end

Last Updated: 2023-09-12

The production of can end requires a material that is strong, durable and easy to form. 5052 H48 aluminum coil is a material that meets these requirements very well.

What is 5052 H48 aluminum ?

5052 H48 aluminum is a product of 5052 alloy aluminum when tempered to the H48 state, the composition of 5052 aluminum alloy is not altered.

5052 h48 aluminum coil

Thickness of 5052 H48 aluminum coil

5052 H48 aluminum is a kind of can end material. At present, the thickness of can end material is 0.27mm, 0.265mm, 0.26mm, 0.25mm, 0.24mm, 0.22mm, with the can lid thickness thinning, there are higher requirements for the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy base material.

2 pcs aluminum can end

Characteristics of 5052 H48 aluminum alloy

1. Chemical composition

5052 H48 aluminum alloy is a magnesium-based aluminum alloy whose chemical composition includes magnesium (2.2%~2.8%), chromium (0.15%~0.35%) and manganese (0.1%). This combination of elements gives the alloy its unique strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

The specific composition is as follows.

5052 aluminum alloy Chemical Composition (For Reference)

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others:
Al: Min.
5052 0.25 0.40 0.10 0.10 2.2~2.8 0.15~0.35 0.10 0.05 0.15 remainder

5052 H48 aluminum alloy melting temperature is 730~750℃, refining temperature is 725~740℃, casting temperature is 680~690℃, and processing process is cold rolling.

2. Mechanical properties

5052 H48 aluminum alloy has a tensile strength of 33,000 psi, it also has a high yield strength, excellent fatigue resistance and good ductility, making it ideal for can end.

3. Corrosion Resistance

5052 H48 aluminum alloy has a low content of both silicon and copper, so it has some corrosion resistance and can be used in environments with moisture or corrosive substances, such as cans and carbonated beverages, making it an ideal choice for the food and beverage industry.

aluminum bottle cap

Benefits of 5052 H48 aluminum coil for can end production

  • Light weight
    The light weight of 5052 H48 aluminum makes it easy to form the shape required for can end production, which can save material cost in production.
  • High strength
    5052 H48 aluminum coil has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for the production of can lids. The high strength of aluminum allows the end to withstand the pressure of canning and prevents the end from shrinking or deforming during the canning process.
  • Superior Malleability
    In the can production to minimize the material thickness, improve the elongation performance and strength of the product, improve material utilization and reduce production costs, is the goal pursued by the can industry.
    The good ductility of 5052 H48 aluminum coil makes it easy to form the shape required for can end production. Sealing with it provides an effective barrier to the contents of the can, preventing leaks and spills.
  • Recyclability
    Another benefit of using 5052 H48 aluminum coil sheet for can lid production is its recyclability. Aluminum cans can be recycled and melted in an electric furnace with sic heating elements, reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum, which reduces the carbon footprint of the aluminum can industry.

What are the alloys that can be used as raw materials for aluminum can ends?

Usually the following four alloys are used as raw materials for aluminum can lids by aluminum can lid purchasers.

3104 H48 aluminum coil
5182 H48 aluminum coil
5052 H48 aluminum coil
5042 H48 aluminum coil

And the raw material for manufacturing aluminum can body is 3104 H19 aluminum alloy coil.

Aluminum can body and can end video

Difference between 5052 H48 alloy and 5182 H48 alloy

Alloy 5052 has a low magnesium content and is an early alloy, set in the late 1920s, with a wide range of uses; alloy 5182 is an alloy with a high magnesium content.

In the manufacture of easy-to-open end, 5052 H48 alloy is used more, accounting for about 60% of the total, and the thickness is mostly 0.22~0.26mm. 5052 H48 is used for beverage end and food end without internal pressure, and 5182 H48 is used for beverage ends with internal pressure.

5182 h48 aluminum coil

In conclusion, 5052 H48 aluminum coil sheet is an excellent material for producing can ends, mainly for beverage and food lids with no internal pressure.

It has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good malleability, making it ideal for the food and beverage industry. In addition, it is recyclable and non-polluting to the environment, making it a popular choice for environmentally conscious manufacturers.

We can also color-coat 5052 H48 with environmentally friendly paint, and supply 5052 H48 coated aluminum coil with color coating to further reduce the process of manufacturing can ends.

5052 H48 Aluminum Coil Supplier

Signi Aluminum has many years of experience in producing 5052 H48 alloy aluminum coils. We strictly control the quality of our products during production. The products meet international standards and have many certifications. 5052 alloy aluminum coils are exported to many countries at reasonable prices, we are a trusted supplier of 5052 H48 aluminum coils.

Purple coated aluminum coil

If you’re looking for a strong, durable and environmentally friendly material for can end production, 5052 H48 aluminum coil is a great choice.

Signi Aluminum is a 5052 H48 Aluminum Coil supplier in China, we manufacture and supply custom size 5052 H48 Aluminum Coil sheet and 5052 H48 Aluminum Strip, contact us for factory price.

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