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How to produce 8021 aluminum foil?

Last Updated: 2023-09-13

8021 aluminum foil is a very common aluminum foil in life, widely used in packaging, medicine, battery, and other industries.

The manufacturing process of 8021 aluminum foil

The manufacturing process of 8021 aluminum foil involves several steps, including casting, rolling, annealing, and slitting.


The first step in the manufacturing process is casting, which involves melting the aluminum alloy and casting it into large ingots.

8079 aluminum foil production


After the ingots have cooled, they are rolled into thin sheets using a hot rolling process. The sheets are then cold rolled to reduce their thickness further.


The rolled sheets are then annealed to improve their ductility and formability. Annealing involves heating the sheets to a high temperature and then cooling them slowly.


Finally, the annealed sheets are slit into smaller rolls of the desired width and length.

With its excellent barrier properties, flexibility, and heat resistance, 8021 aluminum foil is commonly used in packaging for products that require a high level of protection, as well as in the pharmaceutical and battery industries.

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